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Hello my name is Jason iam 45 single white male in shape nice honest caring I have a mild intellectual disability nothing serious my pen pal should be a single white female the ages of 30/38 that is slim or slender with a nice personality and not a user
I would love to hear from anyone, particularly (but not exclusively) from those in the UK: who would enjoy platonic contact via on-site mail (I don't use the chat facility and I turn this off). Though this is merely a preference: it would be particularly interesting to correspond with a fellow wheelchair user. A person's race, appearance, gender, disability and age are irrelevant to me but an individual's personality is important: I look for kindness and respect. I hope you will also read the remainder of my profile, thank you.
I would like to email anyone really that would like to email me.
Hello everyone,
I am new here. I would be interested in sharing a good friendship relationship or more with anyone of you, and with age difference. I usually use MSN OR YAHOO for chat if anyone of you is interested in talking and sharing all days pain and joy, please let me know by a simple message or just drop me your MSN,GMAIL, and YAHOO ID.
Take care all of you
I'm Looking for a Penpal with the same Disability like mine (Asperger Syndrome) if anyone wants to be Friends with me Hit Me Up
Would like a penpal my email is
Eagle 1
I am looking for pen pals any were in the world
Looking for penfriends in Ireland,,UK,,France,,Europe & Australia only who are loyal & friendly who will talk to me & not just be another number on my profile & will be my friend for Scams will be deleted! ).
I have recently lost my mobility, not completely
however but it means that I am at home far more than I would like to be. I am very lonely and isolated and desperate to chat to others and to make new friends.

I have ataxia which is genetic and quite rare. I sometimes feel frustrated because other people do not understand how I am feeling and how hard it is cope on my own.

I used to be very active. My favourite pastime was to walk miles in the countryside, now I am almost housebound.

I need new people in my life to talk to, people who are going through similar emotions and have a happy disposition as I try to keep positive - but we all know how hard that can be!

I will delighted to from you.

Hi, my name is Jack and I'm 23. I was born with developmental dyspraxia of speech.

I'm looking for new friends and people to write to.

My email is
i am looking for a few guy friends and also women friends my age
Hi there!!! I like to laugh but can be serious. Looking for a penpal. Someone to share thoughts with.. Must be drug /alcohol free... Hurry and check out my profile. If u like then u know what to do.!!!! Chat soon!!!
Simple down to earth woman who enjoy the indoor and outdoor. Someone who is always ready to try any new things
I would love to make new friends, age doesn't really matter but I get along better with females. Everyone is more than welcome, and it would be fantastic if you lived in England. ENGLISH NATIVE SPEAKERS ONLY.
Hi everyone, I'm female, 46 years old, married and would love some penpals to email, text or chat to on msn messenger. I'm a loyal friend but very shy and quiet because I've lost all my hair to see autoimmune disease. I would love to hear from anyone around my or an age if possible from the UK but anywhere would be good. I like music, piano, reading, tv, animals and cross stitch. Email me at Hope to hear from you Thanks x
New people,stories, culture,language.
Come on let's talk...
bubbly becky
I'm a lady with moderate learning disability and I am intested in pen pals with the same as me and I'm looking to get to know them via snail mail or even on able to love my user name is bubbly becky I am looking for male friends who are between 30 and 40
Hello I a Dab I would like to become pen-pals with members I will always reply to your mail I am a very caring person. I am married to Jo we have been married since 22nd of June 1991 I am Jo`s carer but I have my own medical problems. We have become good friends with a few members and we love to visit and chat on fb and e-mail and on here Sorry I have not been on the site for a long time because Jo's disabilities have got much worse and since January she has lost all of her sight as well as her disability from her stroke she had at 16. Anyway please get in touch take care. I would love to chat with you
looking for a pen pal cause well I just feel totally isolated and lonely, long story wont ramble on.
I just can not connect with anyone, blame my mental problem. really nice guy but nothing but misunderstood misjudged mistreated and such

Skype cause the email I signed up with isn't going to be around when im done here its gone so here is my Skype, jared.getson1. please add me
Hi looking for a penpal to chat and be friends with hopefully from uk but not bothered if not looking forward to chatting soon :)
hello nice to meet i am brain injured since i was 7 i was car accident left me blind in left eye seizures i have trouble speech and walk i use wheelchair special breathe device help me type. i live in home for disable people lots of people like me my mom help take care i love her much. i like hello kitty i like cats and meet new people if you want to talk to me that would be nice thanks
Hi, I'm Joanne and I've been disabled for 3 years due to Cervical Myelopathy. I am hoping to make new friends from all around the world
Hi everyone, feel free to email me if you think we have common interests. First check my profile though. I feel good whenever I can lend a hand. Just give me an opportunity to do it. Gender, age, race, or credo don't make any difference to me. Neither does your disability. Talk to you soon
I'm 29 and suffer with anxiety, depression, Aspergers Syndrome and some other stuff. If you'd like, please get in touch!
Hi I'm Alan, I'm 68.

I'm here to make friends. I don't care who you are, where you are, or how old you are, everyone has something to say.

my email is
gods angel
hi to all my pen pals
Hi Folks,

My name is Phil. I have hydrosefilis which has me in a nursing home. I'm here for the rest of my life, so I'm easy to contact. I'll chat with anybody who wants to talk, however, you won't have any luck leaving me a message here. email me at :
Hi all, haven't been on here for a while looking for genuine epals anywhere. Someone with similar interests and a gsoh. I'm a wiccan like most music, reading, cinema, theatre, musuems, art and photography, numerology and mythology. I have mobility problems but not yet in a wheelchair.
Hi. I'm looking for female pen-pals for my daughter Jessica, who has severe learning difficulties. Jessica is 18, but mentally she is a 7 year old little girl.

It would be really nice if you can send her message because she loves getting messages and writing to people

jessica's email adress is
Looking for penpals to chat with.