• 'Mad and Disabled' - watch epic wheelchair pride parade

    'Mad and Disabled' is a pride parade that is organized to raise awareness for mentally and physically disabled people. The march was held in Berlin over the weekend for the third time.
  • Be Yourself: Promoting an inclusive work environment through disability disclosure

    We all do best when we’re able to let colleagues around know who we really are – but many people, including some who are living with disabilities, find this hard to do. Listen to Cooske who has ‘come out’ about her impairments are now sharing her stories to encourage others.

  • Boy with disability dumped in trash, found by stranger

    Michelle Gerwing on a family speaking out after their son with intellectual disabilities was found inside a dumpster in the freezing cold.

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  • CalTV News: Rethinking Disability Accessibility on Campus

    CalTV News explores allegations that UC Berkeley is not adequately providing disabled students involved in UC Berkeley's Disabled Students' Program with the access they need to excel academically, professionally and socially while also learning of new models for disability inclusion.

    Reporter: Julia Swan
    Producer: Julia Swan
    Cinematographers: Dianne Lee, Wendy Lopez, Lana Lam, Camellia Mikhaili, and Elizabeth Trenholm.
    Editors: Risa Tamura and Monica Banares
  • In service Mt Sinai Hospital

  • In-service demonstration

    Peter Hughes Inservice in Alabama.

  • Introduction to GO! Mobility Solutions

    Maker of the GO-Anywhere Chair portable commode/shower chair line.

  • Love Rolls On: Disability and Marriage

    Welcome to Love Rolls On. Barton and Megan Cutter invite you to visit their blog, http://www.loverollson.wordpress.com as they share their experiences about love, relationships, marriage and disability. What makes their relationship so strong? How do they overcome the challenges they face? What inspires them to share their story with others?

  • Stupid questions not to ask a disabled person - Defying the Label Season - BBC Three

    We asked a group of people with disabilities, what are some of the stupidest questions they've been asked? Here's what they had to say. With thanks to our contributors.

    Defying the Label, a season exploring disability, starts 20th July on BBC Three: http://bbc.in/1TGNwbn