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Council employee disciplined over disabled bay parking

Council vehicle 

A member of the public photographed the council van in a disabled bay 

A council employee who parked a Cornwall Housing vehicle in a disabled bay at a Truro supermarket has been disciplined.

The van was photographed by a member of the public after it had been left in a space reserved for blue badge holders.

Michelle Hough, 39, who has a disabled daughter, said she was "disgusted" after noticing the van.

Cornwall Housing said in a statement it "apologises for any distress caused" by the incident.

Ms Hough said she had seen the vehicle parked in the disabled bay at Sainsbury's, but that there was "no disabled badge in the window and people were horrified that it had been parked there".

"In light of the recent controversy within Cornwall Council with Collin Brewer...I just felt they should know better. It's a disgrace, they were driving a council van, representing Cornwall Council," she said.

Last month a Cornwall councillor, Collin Brewer, resigned over his remark that "disabled children should be put down".

A council statement said since it was made aware of the episode, disciplinary action had been taken against the member of staff concerned.

A Sainsbury's spokesperson said its car parks were regularly monitored and cars parked incorrectly issued with a fine that is then donated to charity.

Steve Paget, chair of Disability Cornwall, said the council "don't really do a lot to help themselves. It's another case of don't do as we do, do as we say".

From BBC