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A Home That Works For You


A Home That Works For You


For most people, living independently in their own home is central to achieving an enjoyable and fulfilling life. We want to feel that our home is a sanctuary, somewhere where we can be at ease, and a place that is a reflection of our own personality. However, one complaint that is frequently raised by the disabled community is that such an aspiration is made difficult when the furniture with which we adorn our homes is so often unsuited to our needs.

Whilst the furniture industry continues to expand world wide, with the well known big name chains increasingly dominating the market, products aimed specifically at the needs of the disabled continue to be hard to find and often prohibitively expensive.


Designer Problems

This begs the question as to whether more could be done by those designing the furniture that we buy to cater to those who are not able bodied. We know that with minor adjustments beds, sofas, chairs, tables and a whole host of other home essentials can be adapted for the individual needs of those with a disability, and in so doing can change a home from being an inhibitive place to a place that is barrier free and easily manageable. The importance of having a household that is adjusted to cater for the disabled should not be underestimated. Having appropriately designed furniture can even cut down on the need for outside assistance in the day to day lives of those with a disability, allowing for a greater degree of independent living.

At the moment almost no major furniture stores offer products specifically designed for those with disabilities, and this is true world wide. As a result, this gap in the market is covered by smaller companies with the expertise to design products specifically for the non able bodied. 


The Little Things Can Make All The Difference

Buying furniture specifically designed to cater for the non able bodied may not always be an option due to the financial cost. However, this does not mean that nothing can be done. There are many online stores that offer accessories, from lifting poles to low level storage units. Many of these stores offer advice to their customers on what can help them in their home lives, and are happy to hear from those who are researching their options to find ways to adapt their furniture to suit their needs better.


A Worth While Investment

Whilst buying furniture specifically targeted at those with disabilities costs money and takes up time in research, one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that having a home that works for you rather than against you is worth the effort put in to achieve it.