Disability News

BBC living history series is looking for people with disabilities to volunteer to become part of a Victorian slum community.

The production company behind hit series such as Who Do You Think You Are, Victorian Bakers, Back In Time For Dinner and Long Lost Family will recreate a Victorian slum and populate it with families, couples and adult siblings who are interested in experiencing the lives of the Victorian poor in an immersive social history experiment. You may live in Britain’s industrial cities (Manchester, Liverpool, York, Glasgow, Birmingham, London, Sheffield etc)oreven have ancestors who lived in the slums of these major cities.  You may be interested in the history of the Victorians. The aim will be to live, work and make ends meet exactly as the Victorian poor would have done. 

The people selected will be expected to find work, master old trades and sell their wares in order to put food on the table and to make the weekly rent.  Wall to Wall want to explore how the plight of the Victorian poor changed our nation for the better and would like to hear from people who have different stories to tell about THEIR lives today. It is important to invite people with disabilities to  take part who are interested in history and up for the challenge. Filming will take place over three weeks, Easter 2016.

Interested parties can contact Wall to Wall to find out more at casting@walltowall.co.uk or call 020 7241 9228.

There is more info at http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/takepart/the_slum.

The children of any families must be aged 10 years old and above and couples or siblings must be aged 18+. There will be many talkswith the production team before anyone is asked to take part. Wall to Wall  are confident that it will be a challenging but truly fascinating and unique experience for everyone involved.