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Remove David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith as Patrons of Motability

We the undersigned call on Declan Mahoney CEO of Motability, Mike Betts, Executive Director and the Committee of Motability Operations Group PLC, to remove David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith as Patrons of Motability.

Both David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith, in their roles as elected MPs and members of the Conservative Party have done, and are still doing, everything in their power to remove motability vehicles from sick and disabled people who really need them to maintain their mobility and independence. We consider it to be hypocritical in the extreme and in very poor taste that these two politicians should be patrons of a charity designed to give people freedom and independence while, at the same time, attempting to remove that same freedom and independence by making it harder to qualify for the benefits required to participate in the motability scheme.

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