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Disabled 'promposals': insulting or inspiring?

Picture of teenager Lillie and her friend Trevor who has Down's syndrome.
Image captionSeventeen year old Lillie asked her friend Trevor to go to prom with her

Elaborate 'promposal' videos are sweeping across the United States as prom season descends.

Teenagers are competing to come up with the most imaginative or romantic way of asking their sweetheart to the annual high school dance. Sometimes they involvecelebritiespoliticians or puppies.

The videos that have garnered the most attention are those where classmates have asked their disabled friend to be their date. Some have racked up millions of views, such as one showing a teenage boy in a wheelchair being asked to prom in front of his classmates.

Many of the comments on these videos are along the lines of "so sweet", "I've watched this three times and cried every time", and "totally awesome".

But there's been growing criticism.

Image of Michael MortImage copyrightMICHAEL MORT
Image captionMichael Mort wrote a blog in response to viral videos and memes about inviting disabled people to prom

Michael Mort, a blogger and wheelchair-user living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in New York, has written a piece titled "Pity and the Prom" in response to so called 'inspiration porn'.

"I feel frustrated when I see this type of thing, it's a reminder of how poorly our society still perceives disability and disabled people," he told Trending.

"We do not exist solely to inspire and spending time with us doesn't make you a hero. Generally, disabled people want to be included and accepted not made a spectacle of."

Mike highlighted this meme as an example; it's been shared over 50,000 times on Facebook.

This meme shows a teenage boy in a tuxedo and a girl in a prom dress. She is in a wheelchair and the caption reads: Image copyrightFACEBOOK

"Personally, I felt the post was extremely degrading to disabled people and overall very exploitative," he said.

"The wording, 'even in her condition' also hit quite close to home. Being a wheelchair user with a visually similar disability, I would never want to be spoken of with that level of pity and condescension."

Another blogger commented on the issue; "If a news source had hinted that my date was engaged in some kind of bizarre community service, basically insinuating that I was the most 'undateable' creature on the planet, I likely would have taken the (very mature) path of locking myself in my bedroom and crying until graduation."

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Lillie and Trevor see it differently. They've been friends for five years. Lillie is seventeen years old, Trevor is 21 and he has Down's syndrome.

Picture of teenager Lillie and her friend Trevor who has down's syndrome.Image copyrightFACEBOOK / BEAU'S CAFE
Image captionLillie asked her friend Trevor to go to prom with her

"I was thinking about whom I could ask to prom and I was thinking about all the people I love, and the first person that came to mind was Trevor," Lillie told Trending. "I thought it would be really fun, he loves to dance… We always have fun together. So I made a poster that set out in big letters, 'I like coffee, I like tea, will you go to prom with me?'"

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