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What is the casino doing to give back this Christmas?

There are a number of different reasons why Christmas is known as the time of giving. Whether that’s giving presents to family and friends, or through giving to charity and those who need it most this time of year – whether that’s the homeless, the poor or those who give help and support to those with incurable illnesses. With a number of different people doing all sorts of fundraising over the years, with one of the most notable being Band Aid. However, some casinos are getting in on the fundraising and charity action this year, in order to help give back this Christmas.

Charity Giving
Ladbrokes Casino have pledged to raise money for charity this year, with their Christmas Donation Challenge known as LadbrokeElfie. With this competition, if someone enters by taking a picture of themselves in front of a Ladbrokes shop in a Christmas jumper and submits it, Ladbrokes will donate £5 to St Luke’s Hospice. This charity helps to give a high quality of life to those with an incurable illness, as well as helping to support the families of these patients, at no charge whatsoever. Because they do not charge for their services, they rely on donations. With every submission, Ladbrokes are donating £5 to the charity, meaning this could rack up quite quickly depending on how many submissions they receive.  With over £100 already raised for the charity, and the competition not set to end until New Year’s Eve, this casino could be doing a lot of work and helping the charity massively this Christmas.

Special Promotions
Another of the ways casinos are giving back, rather than to charity is by helping their loyal customers especially. Christmas campaigns tend to see casinos giving their players special promotions, or an advent calendar of prizes for every day that they play or deposit money in the casino. While they may be making money off of this, they are also helping people to enjoy their Christmas, in some cases without even having to put a penny down, through the likes of free spins and free plays on some of the games. Some people, particularly the elderly or the disabled, who may be lonely or have to miss out on some of the festive activities over the Christmas period, and free spins from a casino can give them something to do that they may find fun – without having to risk anything.

Non-Commercial Casino Nights
If you want to take part in the season of giving, and you want to incorporate a casino feel to this, then you may want to hold non-commercial casino nights. These are permitted for charitable purposes in some circumstances, and casino charity nights are a great way to provide both entertainment at your Christmas party, along with raising money for a chosen cause. CHIPS is an example of a charity that is already funded by the UK Casino & Gaming Industry, which provides independence and mobility to disabled children and there are a number of charities that could do with a helping hand over the Christmas period. This is a great way to get involved and bring an element of the casino to your charitable giving.