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2017’s most notable accessibility apps


accessibility apps

It’s been great to see that some of the world’s best app developers haven’t forgotten to focus their efforts on giving us some apps that improve living conditions for everyone - regardless of what physical struggles they are coping with.

Many people will have been heartened to see how Apple and Google have sought to invest their latest iOS and Android operating systems with virtual assistants that make it easy to remotely control our smartphones to do anything from setting alarms to loading up simple games.

But in order to take these virtual assistants to the next level, then think about downloading the very helpful Commandr app. This handy app works with Google Now so that you do things like turning on your smartphone’s flashlight and automate tasks with a simple voice command that will take a lot of frustration out of navigating the sometimes bewilderingly designed mobile devices.

There’s also the great Google TalkBack app which provides similar help for those who are visually impaired. This free app is preinstalled on most devices and can be used to provide verbal and vibration-based feedback on what’s going on inside your smartphone.

Similarly, many people have had a great deal of success in using the Google Translate app to transcribe what they are saying into text - very handy for dealing with anyone who doesn’t know sign language!

For those who have problems with verbal communication, the JABtalk app could be one worth downloading as it allows the user to build up a pictoral database of commonly used words to allow for a less stressful way to commicate.

In terms of entertainment, we’ve already featured how some of the AbleHere games can offer a quick diversion. But with the likes of the fun and colourful slots games at MrSmithCasino being perfectly formulated for larger tablet screens, it means that no one needs to miss out on the excitement.

And whilst we’re probably all aware of Facebook and Skype, they’ve provided a great app-based way for many of us to feel a greater part of other people’s lives no matter how remote we may initially feel.

But if you’re feeling in the mood for getting out and about, then be sure to download the handy It’s Accessible app that can provide a wealth of accessibility information about whatever restaurant, cinema or even casino you’re attending.