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5 Benefits to using ceramic in your home



Ceramic has been known to change the interior of one’s home into an elegant and luxurious look. Mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens, they are also used in making various household items such as plates, mugs, and cups among other items. With the right color combination, you will not go wrong with ceramics, especially when used for flooring or on the walls.


Ceramics have numerous benefits when used in the home. Whether you are using them in the bedroom, kitchen, living room or any part of your home, different designs and colors can be blended for a beautiful effect. For those looking for a wide range of ceramics, Atlas Ceramics have them. Let's look at the top five benefits of using ceramic in your home to guide you.


Low care and maintenance


Ceramic does not require too much maintenance as compared to other materials and décor materials such as wallpaper or paint. The different finishes ranging from glossy, semi-glossy and matt can all be cleaned fast using a mild detergent and a damp mop or cloth. The resistance of the materials also lessens the maintenance process since it doesn’t get dirty fast from stains and odors.




Although ceramics can be costly when you first purchase and install them, over time, they prove to be quite efficient due to their durability, low maintenance among other factors. Investing in ceramics is a better option since it’s more durable. Having a ceramic floor or tile will save you money otherwise spent or repainting or remodeling your walls once in every few years when they wear out.




Ceramics can be used as construction materials as well as for household items making them versatile to use in the home. When used in flooring or walls, you can choose any color, size, shape, texture or pattern that you prefer that blends with your other household items such as furniture pieces and accessories. Designs can range from placing ceramics on a particular part of the wall such as the corner, above the fireplace or even on an entire wall. Combined with different blends they can produce a great effect on your home’s interior.


Long lasting


The durability of ceramics cannot be compared to other interior design options available in the market. With proper care and maintenance ceramics won’t easily crack, fade nor break and can last for years without requiring repair or remodeling, especially when used on floors and walls due to their tough nature. Even with a single crack, it can easily be replaced.


It can take you up to 20 years before you reinstall them again. Aside from being durable, the beauty of ceramics is authentic with a touch of elegance to your interior.  


High resistance


The ability of ceramics to withstand temperature, pressure and other environmental factors like moisture, odor, mold, and fungus makes them an ideal choice if you want something with both an aesthetic value as well as durable. This is a great factor to consider, especially if you intend to place them in the bedroom or kitchen.


Formed from natural elements, ceramic lacks toxic substances that might pose health risks in your home. The fact that it is durable and its aesthetic value makes it a valuable asset also when you want to sell your home.