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3 Tips to maintaining your laminate floors


At first glance, laminate floors appear to look like solid hardwood floors, but they are actually made out of wood. Laminate floors are uniquely made from materials like sawdust and are cheap as compared to hardwood floors.


They are also easy to install and give the floor a shiny look due to the clear protective layer on top. While they look the same, maintaining laminate floors is not the same as hardwood floors. Cleaning of laminate floors requires knowledge on how to clean and which materials to use to avoid damaging them due to their delicate nature.



Regular general cleaning


Laminate floors need to be generally swept every once in a while to remove dust or any dirt particles that might be stuck on the surface. You need to clean them regularly to avoid damage from scratches. Immediately wipe out any spills that might have accidentally fall to avoid permanent stains and marks which are more difficult to remove after drying.


When doing the general cleaning always sweep the dirt towards where the floors were laid so as to reach any dirt that might be stuck in the wood cracks and crevices. Start cleaning one area as you move to the next.


If possible, find out from the manufacturer how to best clean the floor. Some laminate brands might have a guide on which materials will work best during cleaning and which ones would not. The instructions might also be on the manufacturer’s website.


Use soft cleaning tools


Use a vacuum, a soft brush or soft bristled broom to clean laminate floors to prevent scratches from forming. Avoid using a standard floor brush or dry mop since the fibers will scratch the surface. The vacuum rotating brush, however, should be turned off to prevent the bristles from scratching the floor.




Apart from the regular general cleaning you need to set a schedule for doing a thorough cleaning of your laminate floors. You can mop your laminate floors once every month or every two months using cleaning agents. However, do this with caution since some cleaning agents might contain harsh chemicals that might cause streaks and damage the laminate.


Use warm or hot water when cleaning using a mop, never cold water with a mild cleaner or soap, but always ensure that the mop is not wet. The mop should be damp to reduce any chances of the floor soaking in water. Too much water on laminate floors will destroy it.


Alternatively, you can purchase a steam mop instead of the traditional mop which cleans deeper into the floor. There are different types of steam mops available that can leave your laminate floors sparkling clean. Get details from steamclean.reviews and pick on the most ideal steam mop for your laminate floor.


Avoid polishing or waxing a laminate floor at all costs to prevent any damage to the protective finish.


Laminate floors require more than just the regular, deep cleaning and use of the right tools. How you live in your home and how you place your furniture also matters. Ensure that you handle with care when you are moving furniture.


If you can, add furniture pads under the legs to avoid scratches. Accessories like floor mats and rugs are also ideal for laminate floors since they will cover the preventing exposure to more damage.