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5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy


The human body has nerves that are responsible for transmitting signals from body parts to the brain for decoding. Interruption with the operation of the nerves can lead to paralysis of a body organ. There can be numerous ways that the nerves can be hindered from fulfilling their designated functions. One of the causes of abnormal neurotransmission is a disease such as diabetes.


Some people experiencing diabetes 1 or 2 have a problem called diabetic neuropathy. This occurs when the disease interferes with the transmission of the nerve signals. The sad thing about developing diabetic neuropathy is that it cannot be undone. Therefore it is imperative to take measures to ensure that the condition is prevented from developing. The following are means through which diabetic neuropathy can be avoided:

5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Diabetic Neuropathy

Keep stress levels as low as possible

There exist a significant connection between high-stress levels and diabetic neuropathy. Therefore, individuals who have diabetes should strive to ensure that they are not often stressed. This can be achieved through regular monitoring of the stress levels. Also, measures to relieve stress should be undertaken and practiced regularly. Such measures include practices such as yoga and engaging in creative activities. Additionally, regular visits to a psychologist should be routine for monitoring and bringing down the stress levels.


Strict adherence to medication

Many people have been known to live for many years without experiencing any adverse diabetes complications. This is mainly due to undertaking the prescribed medicines without fail. When taken as required, the blood sugar levels will be kept regular at all times. This will ensure that other body organs are also functioning normally and thus the risk of diabetic neuropathy will be minimized.

Those who have already developed the complication can also continue leading healthy lives. This is possible through the taking of pain relieving supplements and other medicines that are known to bring down diabetic neuropathy to bearable levels. Numerous supplements can be used for this purpose. However, not all have been proven to be effective in controlling neuropathy. For reputable medicines to suppress the effects of diabetic neuropathy, see NervePainTreatment.org for more about supplements see NervePainTreatment.org for more about supplements.  



Physical exercise has numerous benefits to diabetes patients. Getting involved in exercising activities ensures that the body weight is kept in check and thus minimizes chances of developing diabetic neuropathy. Also, exercising enhances the uptake of sugar from the blood where it is in high concentration for diabetes patients. It, therefore, performs the task of insulin. When there’s efficient uptake of sugar into the muscles, chances of diabetes escalating to neuropathy are minimized.

Eat healthily

Maintaining the blood sugar level at the required limits is determined in no small degree by the kind of food that one takes. Therefore, having a balanced diet for a diabetes patient should be exercised in all meals. This also means that one should minimize consumption of substances such as alcohol that can alter the uptake of blood sugar.

Practice foot care

Diabetic neuropathy tends to attack the feet of diabetes patients. Therefore, taking good care of the feet should be done without fail. This is through keeping the toenails short, staying clean at all times, and checking for any developing foot problems. If noted, such issues should be treated immediately through the appropriate means.

Diabetic neuropathy can be prevented from occurring by ensuring that one maintains healthy living, exercising and regular checkups. For those who have already developed the condition, it’s not all bleak. Practicing healthy living and taking supplements will ensure that pain is minimized.