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5 Tips To Tracking Your iPhone And Keeping It Safe From Theft


Apple products are quite glamorous and expensive, which makes them a popular target for thieves. The iPhone particularly is a very sought after gadget and thieves will do everything within their power to steal it from you if the opportunity arises.

So here are 5 tips to tracking your iPhone and keeping it safe from theft:


5 Tips To Tracking Your iPhone And Keeping It Safe From Theft


1.    Disguise The iPhone

This is one very effective way to keep your phone safe from theft. A simple way to disguise your iPhone is to put a case on it to cover its appearance, this way thieves will be less attracted to it. There are several phone cases available in the market that can fit well on your iPhone and cover the Apple logo that is on the back, hindering thieves from knowing the make of your iPhone.


2.    Set Up A Strong Screen Lock

Theft is at so many levels. Someone may not steal your iPhone and run away with it but may log into it and access vital information from it. To protect your phone from such kind of theft, you need to set up a strong screen lock.


Avoid the 4 digit PIN and go for a strong password that is composed of say 8 characters which combine both numbers, letters, and symbols. Such a password will be hard for a potential thief to hack.


Another screen lock to use is the Touch ID Fingerprint Reader. Your fingerprint is unique and no thief will be able to access your iPhone with this safety feature in place. You should, however, use it along with the strong password that you’ve set up.


3.    Don’t Leave Your iPhone Where Thieves Can Access It

Thieves can only steal your phone if they can be able to access it. If you place your iPhone in a place that is an easy target for them to get to, rest assured that it will be stolen. Don’t leave your phone on open spaces such as on top of tables. Don’t leave it poking out of your trouser pocket.

Rather, keep your iPhone in a hidden enclosed place such as a handbag, backpack, or in a trouser pocket with zips.

4.    Avoid Using Your iPhone In Public

To keep your iPhone safe from theft, try as much as possible to avoid using it in public spaces such as in trains, or when walking on the streets. Thieves can always snatch it off your hands and run away with it. Use it in secluded areas such as office spaces where it’s less likely to get lost.


5.    Install A Tracking App

Downloading and installing a tracking app should be the first thing you do when you buy an iPhone and if you’ve not done so, you should do it this very moment. Regardless of whether your iPhone is the latest version or whether you bought it a few years back, losing it means that someone else will have access to your information which shouldn’t be the case.


Don’t gamble with the security of your expensive iPhone. Download and install a tracking app. Here are some of the best apps for tracking iPhones that you can install.