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The Top 3 Benefits of Online Gaming



Online gaming is one of the raging trends amongst the youth of this generation. High-quality audio, graphics, 3D experience, thrilling plots, and interactive online games have made this a phenomenon that very few can ignore. While the impacts of online gaming are highly questioned, there are in fact some benefits that can be attained by people who are pro online gamers.


Studies show that everyone in four web visitors is using online gaming websites- be it trivia, strategy or online board games. There are as many as 217 million online gamers worldwide today.  


The Top 3 Reasons You Will Love Online Gaming


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So, what are the benefits of the prolonged practice of online gaming? Read on to find out.


1.       Develop Cognitive, Planning Skills and Boost Memory


Mental maths, abacus, arithmetic twisters, riddles- all these methods are used by the parents of kids to help them develop cognitive skills in them and boost their memory. However, did you know that online gaming too has a similar impact on the minds of the gamers? Depending on the plot of the game, it can teach them concentration, applying their planning skills, and boost their memory.


With children losing out on playing outdoors with their friends, this alternative seems to be a viable one for online gaming, when played with a partner, can develop communication and interaction skills as well. Puzzle games, trivia games, and strategy games are a foolproof way in preparing the child for the academic life. Controlled online gaming is a lot more advantageous that we could ever have imagined.


As for adults, with time, we tend to stop using certain functions of the brain due to our daily dreary routines. Playing games online boosts reasoning, logic, memory- all of which are extremely important for a satisfying mental workout!


2. Recovering from Illness


In 2006, the not-for-profit Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation found out that due to the easy comprehensibility of games as compared to books, these serve as a great tool for ailing children with serious illnesses. It gives them confidence and keeps their mind off their physical weakness. Online gaming allows the families of these children to foster understanding and recovery in them through online games which can aid in pain management, stress relief, dyslexia, and anxiety.


An article published in US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes for Health even propose that online gaming could help in the recovery and healing during old age. It states how online gaming can help us process information better and on time, as gamers are exposed to beneficial positive stress, which upregulates neuronal function.


3. Social Interaction and Connection


Online multiplayer games boost social interaction and positive understanding amongst the players. This means that even if you are miles apart from your best friend or your elder sister, you can still stay connected and play games like you used to before with the help of online gaming. Some games even allow two strangers to team up in a game. This fosters understanding and interaction skills between two absolute strangers and may lead to long-term friendships as well.


Turns out, online gaming isn’t all that bad, after all.