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5 Tips to buying medical supplies on a budget


For a lot of us, staying healthy means that we need to have access to the best medical supplies. This may include oxygen tanks, walkers, wheelchairs, diabetes supplies, and other bath safety products. These are medical supplies that we all need but they can be costly too. Acquiring them may take some time to some people or maybe a very stressful task since it involves a lot of money. But not to worry, there are alternative ways to have access to them or get them at a much lower cost.


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Here are five tips to buying medical supplies on a budget.


1.    Compare different brands.


Before making a final purchase, it would be a good decision to compare different brands first. More often than not, medical supplies have the same quality but some may be expensive compared to others because of the brand. You can get the same quality medical supplies for a lesser cost with the least known brands. It would be worth purchasing medical supplies from lesser known brands so long as you know they are made from high-quality materials.


2.    Buy medical supplies online.


Most of the time, medical supplies are much more cost-effective if your purchase online. This is because you get to cut off the number of middlemen involved in the supply chain. Buying from online stores like kemper medical will allow you to save more money. By simply shopping for medical supplies online, you can cut cost for as much as 70%! Moreover, it is fast and convenient. It can easily be delivered to your doorstep once you make the purchase too.


3.    Make a price comparison.


One of the most important things one should remember is to not get products at a lower cost especially if it is substandard. Choose something more cost-effective but make sure it is high-quality. Compare prices from your sources before making the final purchase. Notice all the differences and see if there is a significant difference in the prices that will make you decide why you will choose it.


4.    Consider buying used equipment.


There are some medical supplies that don’t have to be brand new. This may include wheelchairs and walkers. This equipment can be purchased at a lower cost if you consider getting used ones. Find items that are second-hand equipment that is still in good condition. You will save a lot of money if you go for this option. Just make sure to thoroughly check the quality of the equipment and only get one from trusted dealers.


5.    Apply for an insurance program.


There are insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid that allows eligible participants to receive discounts from medical supplies. Some can even receive them at no cost. There are requirements needed to be eligible for these insurance programs. Take some time to apply and know what you need to do. It’s a great option for low-income or on a fixed income to have access to medical supplies for a much lower cost.