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4 Things to Do Around Victoria Station


Are you at Victoria Station but don’t know what to do? You need to know that Victoria Station is not only a transportation hub, but a place to explore. There are a number of things that you can do and neighborhoods to explore while at this station. Here are the best four things to do while you are in Victoria Station for a period of time.


4 Things to Do Around Victoria Station


1)            Visit Buckingham Place

The first thing that you can do while at Victoria station is taking a ten-minute walk to Buckingham Palace. This palace is the home to the Queen Elizabeth gallery and is the London headquarters for the Royal family. The palace has hosted exhibitions showcasing the art of great artists such as Vermeer, Canaletto among others in the past. You could go to Buckingham palace to view outside, but you have to pay to enter the staterooms. 

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2)            Explore Eccleston Yard

It will take you four minutes to walk to the Eccleston yard. The Eccleston Yard was previously home to the Electrical Supply co-operation. Today, it has become a great place to get food, retail outlets, and fashion, grouped around a central public courtyard. Eccleston yard is home to restaurants such as the Jones family kitchen, Wild by Tart and Batonnage Wine Bar, and shop.


3)            Enjoy Shopping

You can start by visiting Harrods, which is one of the famous retail stores in the world. It is less than a mile away from Victoria, and you will not go wrong visiting the place. You will get the best in everything from Swarovski watches to picnic hampers. However, do not just enjoy shopping, make sure that you check out Art Nouveau windows and sculptures on the floor.

The good news is that you do not have to leave the station for you to enjoy shopping. There is a shopping mall known as Victoria place above the station. The mall is home to brands such as Body Shop, New look, as well as the Parisian gift store. While you are in the station, make sure you visit the mall for some window-shopping.


4)            Dine Out

While at Victoria station, you can visit Tozi, which is one of the most renowned eateries in Victoria. Tozi has specialized in Venetian cuisine, and you can expect to enjoy foods like Venetian tapas. They also have a range of the best Italian wines and craft beer. Do you want a quick bite? You can visit the Strutton Ground market to enjoy the best foods.

These are just some of the best things that you can do while at Victoria station. You do not have to be bored while in Victoria station there are a lot of hidden treasures that you can explore.