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Benefits That Horses Can Have On People With Disabilities

There is something special about the bond between horses and humans, and that has been the case throughout time. The equines are able to look past everything that they see in front of them to understand the real person on the inside.


That quality has had a profound effect on people throughout their lives, and it could be argued that horses have had a greater impact on those with disabilities more than most.


Equine Therapy is something that has been used for many years now, and it continues to excel in popularity with millions of people around the world, using it to improve their mental health.

Equine Therapy

What Is Equine Therapy?


Equine Therapy is used around the world by millions of people, which includes those without disabilities. It is a revered way to improve one’s mental health, and it all stems from simply walking with the horse.


The Therapy also includes touching the horses and grooming them by brushing their sides. Experts within the field have claimed that the benefits that can be felt from this kind of Therapy are unquestionable.


Experts have also claimed that riding horses can also touch people how to walk, as the muscle tones that are picked up by riding are unlike anything that can be matched in the gym or doing any other sport.


This will have a hugely positive effect on those that do the Therapy that can’t walk, as they will be able to get the experience that they can actually do that.


It will have an immediate effect on confidence and mental health and is one of the many examples that equine Therapy has been a massive success both in the United States, and around the rest of the world.


Huge Impact On Children With Disabilities


It isn’t just adults that will be able to feel the huge benefits from equine Therapy, as children are also believed to have huge benefits from taking part.


As well as the same experiences that we have mentioned above, children with autism will also have the best experience while doing the Therapy, and many have spoken for the first time while sitting on the horse.


It has been mentioned on numerous occasions that children have sat on horses before gradually getting the confidence to talk for the first time.


They will feel at ease on top of the horse, and it will help improve their confidence after just one ride. Experts have claimed that the reason for this is because the children know that the horse will not judge them.


Grooming horses also helps children with other disabilities, as it is meant to have a positive effect on those with bipolar disorder. Being around the horses will help with the anxiety that is felt when being around people, and the horse is the main reason for that.


Equine Therapy Is For Everyone


Equine Therapy has proved throughout its history that is massively successful, and can immediately improve the mental health struggles that are felt by those involved. As well as that, the confidence of those doing the Therapy will grow with every passing session, and it is the best way to help children grow.


Also, the Therapy isn’t just for the few, as people with every disability can get involved. It has proven to be particularly popular for blind people, as you don’t have to see to be able to ride and people suffering from that disability just enjoy the chance to be free with the trusted horse.


Here you have the advantages of horse therapy and equestrian sports for people with disability. If you like horses, don’t forget to tune in into the Kentucky Derby, an event that is accessible to anyone to watch and bet on it!