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A thug gets 33 months for attacking a wheelchair user

Disability hate crimes

Karl Dean (me) was attacked coming home from the pub, he targeted me because I am in a wheelchair. It’s a disability hate crime.

The attack would have been awful to whoever you are, I think a lot of able bodied people would of suffered injuries too as the man pushed my wheelchair over from behind so 

fast as my friends could not stop me from falling over, I hit my head on the foot path and I was knocked out with my wheelchair on top of me. So my friends put me in the recovery position on the footpath and they picked up the wheelchair and I came round so they put me back in my wheelchair for my own safety as I was wriggling around on the footpath. For a few days I had headaches and dizziness and also had whip lash for 2 weeks, I still get back and neck pain but every day I am getting better.

He was sentanced for 2 years and 9 months, I don’t think his sentence is long enough as he has been in Jail before for beating up 3 women and before he attacked me he attacked 8 people within 2 months. I am glad he attacked me as I am physically and mentally strong, if he attacked someone who had weak bones the person could be in hospital for months. My biggest fear is he will kill someone in the future as he is a very dangerous man.                                                       

One bad thing happened and loads of good things happened, the crowdfunding page went mad, I even got donations from USA. I asked for £3,000 and I got £5,641, that’s awesome. so I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated.

The bank pub did a fund raising night for a holiday for me, so I would like to say a big thank you to everyone in the pub, it shows we have a great community and we support each other.

I would like say thank you to humberside police for doing a great job catching the man. Finally, people keep asking me will it stop you from going out, I say no way.