Disability News

hi all if u read my profile you will see that i was diagnosed with r+r ms 20 years ago and was awarded full rate mobility.this was great as it meant i could have a car to get out and about and maintain my independance.i had a review 4 months ago an independent so called doctor came to see me at home was really unpleasant and rude and left.may i say nothing has changed with my condition in fact is getting worse yet all myb specialists tell me conflicting stories why doesn't one in authority sit down one on one and explain what's going on??? result i am now housebound,have had to let people go who help me live as independent a life as possible.I vowed 20 years ago that i would not let any disabled person be treated like this and now it's hapenning to me there does not seem a ****n thing we can do.governments and ablebodied people canĀ ' accept' disability as long as we stay under their feet and allow them to pity us, and feel ahhhhhh thank god it's not me???? how stupid is that????? sorry guys i am just venting my frustrations!!! but I know I am not alone??? if u r in same position please write to me 6YSASSY CHEERS N TAKE CARE