Disability News

Had to go for a test re a possible circulation problem....so I received a letter giving me the date and saying that I would need to rest for between 10 and 20 minutus before having the test.

Being me, I was rather nervous and upon arriving at the hospital I had to visit the loo! I thought " oh those couches are not very comfortable but I will try to relax for the time stated.

 Soon the nurse came to collect me and she did not offer to push my chair for which I was pleased, we went down the corridor to the clinic rooms and to my surprise we passed them, went into the hospital, down a corridor and into a lovely light twin bedded room, with a comfortable bed! I was allowed one pillow and it was bliss just lying there, no phone, no one knocking at the door, no one talking to me, I lay watching the butterflies through the window, I drifted and was just SO relaxed that when the nurse came back that I was hardly aware of the test.

 A few days later I phoned my Dr fo rthe results of the previous blood tests I had had, they were ok, he asked how the Doppler test went and I told him that I was ok. I then said that he hadn't warned me about part of the test procedure, he asked "what was that" so I told him about he wonderful rest. he replied "you are NOT going next week"