Disability News

A "cheap and safe" bionic eye to restore basic vision to people going blind is set to be implanted in trials.

The device adapts existing ground-breaking cochlear ear implant technology for the deaf and perceives light rather than sound.

Professor Minas Coroneo and Dr Vivek Chowdhury, from Sydney, say the prosthesis should cost little more than the £10,000 of a cochlear hearing device.

Prof Coroneo said: "We're using a bionic ear to make a bionic eye."

Patients will wear glasses mounted with a tiny camera that sends images to electrodes in the eye.

While others are working on implanting electrodes on the retina - intraocular - the "cochlear" device puts electrodes on the outer wall of the eye - extraocular.

So far the research has cost just £40,000 and the two men have asked the Australian Government for £4million to begin clinical trials


From http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2008/08/11/bionic-eye-to-give-sight-to-the-blind-115875-20692487/