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A record-breaking quadriplegic sailor is going around Britain in a 20ft boat controlled by her breath.

 Here is the update

Day 18 - Thursday 3 July: Teams remains in Lymington ahead of the planned sail to Portland tomorrow.

Day 17 - Wednesday 2 July: The issues with the boat's electronics now appear to have been resolved and Sean's back off to the hospital today to check his injury. Wind conditions tomorrow (Thursday) do not look favourable so Hilary now plans to leave Lymington for Portland on Friday morning at 10am.

Day 16 - Tuesday 1 July: Still awaiting rectification of electronics on Hilary's boat and for Sean's injury to heal. Possible that Hilary may not be able to sail again until later in the week.

Day 15 - Monday 30 June: Team remains in Lymington

Day 14 - Sunday 29 June: Hilary was today able to sail the section from Bramble Bank (near Cowes) back to Lymington although her onboard electronics have still not recovered from the drenching they received last Tuesday. Efforts are being made to restore the navigational systems so, whilst also waiting for Sean's injury to heal, the team's stay in Lymington is extended further.

Day 13 - Saturday 28 June: Martin Cox joins the team as a temporary RIB driver so that Hilary can sail the Cowes-Lymington stretch. Martin will undergo project-specific training today so that, weather permitting, Hilary can sail again tomorrow.

Day 12 - Friday 27 June: The bad luck continues - now Sean has cut his hand and will be out of action for a few days. Without him, the RIB crew is short-handed and, therefore, cannot sail. Hilary has arranged for temporary RIB back-up to join the crew for the weekend. He will need to undergo project-specific training tomorrow (Saturday) with a view to Hilary attempting the Cowes-Lymington sail on Sunday (weather permitting). Depending on the progress of Sean's wound, the Lymington-Portland sail will not be possible until Monday or Tuesday next week at the earliest.

Day 11 - Thursday 26 June: Another frustrating weather delay. The winds are too strong to complete the Cowes-Lymington sail today. Hilary will try again tomorrow.

Day 10 - Wednesday 25 June: The team remain in Lymington whilst the repairs to Hilary's boat are completed. They would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody at the Berthon Boat Company at Lymington Marina for their fantastic help and support; the Lions for their assistance and hospitality (and patience!) in spite of the last minute changes of plan; and Simon Rogers, of Rogers Yacht Design (designers of the Artemis 20), for his help in repairing Me Too. Weather update suggests that wind conditions may again prevent tomorrow's planned sail. The crew will re-assess tomorrow.

Day 9 - Tuesday 24 June: Bad news today - Hilary's boat sustained some damage on the leg between Hayling Island and Lymington and she arrived at 1am this morning. Having lifted Me Too from the water, it was fortunately discovered that the damage was not as serious as first thought and that repairs could be carried out within the day. As yesterday's journey involved Hilary being towed from Cowes to Lymington, due to tidal state and no wind, she had planned to set out tomorrow to be towed back to Cowes so she can complete the sail back to Lymington; however, the boat repairs have not been finished in time so the short sail from Cowes to Lymington is now planned for Thursday and the Lymington-Portland leg for Friday (weather permitting).

Day 8 - Monday 23 June: Weather is set fair today and Hilary set sail at 1pm and will be hoping to arrive in Lymington at around 10pm.

Day 7 - Sunday 22 June: An unexpected increase in wind strength has disrupted plans for a lunchtime sail today. Unfortunately, the winds have not abated sufficiently to allow Hilary to sail overnight so departure from Hayling Island has now been deferred to noon tomorrow (Monday).

Day 6 - Saturday 21 June: Away as planned from Brighton and arrived safely at Hayling Island at 7am this morning, ahead of schedule (the land vehicles having arrived at around 4am). 36 hour stopover planned, leaving for Lymington around lunchtime tomorrow.

Day 5 - Friday 20 June: With the weather outlook good, the team were confident of leaving on schedule today and making up time over the weekend to reach Portland by Monday as originally planned. All was set but, just as everything seemed back on track, as Hilary was being towed out of the harbour, the GNAV fixing to the main boom broke away. Upon investigation, the aluminium fixing was corroded so the crew had to return to berth and arrange remedial repairs. Current plan is to sail overnight (leaving Brighton at around 1am) with an ETA in Chichester (Hayling Island) of around 11am tomorrow (Saturday). The team still hope to arrive in Portland on Monday.

Day 4 - Thursday 19 June: The weather is against the team today so they have delayed their departure from Brighton for a further day. They now plan to leave for Chichester harbour at around midday tomorrow (Friday) where they should arrive at Sparkes Marina (Hayling Island) by around 10pm. We'll keep you posted.

Day 3 - Wednesday 18 June: Rest day in Brighton

Hilary would like to thank everybody for their messages of support and good luck. Whilst it is difficult for her to spend too much time checking this site, we are trying to pass on as many individual messages as possible. We would also like to thank everbody who has so far made a donation - this is greatly appreciated. Sorry we're not able to acknowledge each one individually.

Day 2 - Tuesday 17 June: Hilary left Eastbourne at around 12.30pm and set sail for Brighton - she arrived at Brighton Marina, a little later than planned (and wet and cold) at 7.10pm. Although Brighton was originally planned to be a one night stopover, they will now stay an extra day to give Hilary and the crew some well-earned rest. The local Lions Club arranged a small reception for Hilary and the team. Hilary's challenge has generated enormous press and media attention, so we hope this will result in a flood of donations to the charity.

Day 1 - Monday 16 June: Having set sail from Dover in bright sunshine at around 3pm, Hilary arrived safely in Eastbourne Marina at 11.55pm - tired but happy to have successfully completed the first leg of her journey. The team would like to pass on their thanks to all at Eastbourne Marina and the local Lions for their help and assistance.

We will soon be creating a facility to enable all visitors to this website to track the progress of Hilary's journey. Using a "Harrier" Iridium Satellite tracking device supplied by Olive Group, via a facility called SecureLocate, we will provide regular updates of Hilary's precise location.