Disability News

I'm back from my week holiday at Primrose valley near filey; we stayed in a huge accessible caravan. It was great waking up by the sea everyday with the seagulls tapping on the caravan roof at 6am, natural alarm clock. I don’t see 8am at home as I like my bed too much and I do have thick curtains so I don’t see daylight until I press the open button. I tried hiding under the bed covers when waking up at 6am but I don’t like sleeping with covers over my head. Poor me hehe.

The weather wasn’t too good as it was cloudy most of the week but it didn’t rain, that’s a bonus. It was great seeing the sea everyday as it is so relaxing. I didn’t drive down to the beach as the hill was very steep even had a notice up for cyclists, do not drive down. I was tempted but I didn’t want to end up in hospital. So I sat on the cliff tops everyday taking in the fresh air.

Primrose valley is very wheelchair accessible; however the lift to the bar was temperamental, one day I couldn’t get out of the lift. We had to get the staff to free me!