Disability News

I went to pub to watch two football games, my team lost. I had a good time in the pub. On the way home I decided to get a pizza. On the way there my talker machine ran out but I still went to the pizza shop as the woman is really nice and I was 99% sure she would understand my order. I looked thru the window first to make sure she was at work and she was hooray. She went thru all the pizzas on the list and then I said yes to a particular pizza. Easy!! After a little while she came back with my pizza and taped it to my lap as normal so it wouldn’t slip off and then I went off home. I went down a dip in the footpath at full speed as I didn’t see it and the pizza went flying and I ran over it oops. Luckily the pizza stayed in the box.


 So I waited for someone to walk by, a minute later an old man walked by but he thought I was stuck in the hold and then a cyclist came by so the old man told him to stop to help him to drag my wheelchair out of the hole! They did this easy as I just backed out and then they finally picked up my crushed pizza and placed it on my lap! Hooray! The old man said to the cyclist, he shouldn’t be out on his own! At this point I said thank you and zoomed off home and I didn’t drop the pizza anymore. I got home the pizza was up side down and we turned it over and you could see my wheel trek, where I ran it over. I laughed and then ate it. Very nice.