Disability News

On December 5th 2007, I went on a Dutch dash with 2 mates (bailey and Ian). At 6pm we got on the ferry by 6.30pm we were in the bar.  We set sail to Amsterdam at 9pm so we decided to go on the top deck to see the views of Hull. After a little while on the deck, we were getting cold so we went back in the bar and then I was told to shut up by the bingo caller! Oops! Ian shouted back, you shut up! At this stage, we left the bar to go in to the casino as I like playing roulette. We parked up at the roulette table I told Bailey to get my plan out of my pocket. Yes I had a cunning plan! He opened the A4 paper up, people was bending their necks to see the plan even the operator on the roulette. My plan was working as at one point I doubled my chips, but I kept on going and I lost all the chips.  You win some and lose some..  We went back in the bar and the bingo had finished, phew! While Bailey was at the bar the bingo caller came up to him and said I didn’t realize your friend was disabled and can you say sorry for me. Bailey was stunned for words so he said ok. He returned with the beers and told me. I said, does it make any diffence if I’m disabled or not! I was being loud while they were ticking off numbers.  Tut tut naughty boy! 


At 1am we decided to go to bed, at 6am we heard Breakfast is now being served but we didn’t get up as too early. At 7.30 I said we must get up as the bus is leaving at 8am but they wouldn’t get up! Lazy sods!  Bailey decided to get up at 7.55am, the crew staff was knocking on our door. 10 minutes later they knocked on the door again and said, you better hurry up as the bus is not waiting for you. Bailey and Ian threw me in my wheelchair and we ran for the bus. We made it on the bus, and bailey was still dressing me on the bus putting on my jumper and my jacket.  We arrived in Amsterdam at 11am; the weather was really dreadful very wet and cold.  The first stop is to find a café for breakfast and we sure did! A nice healthily English breakfast. An hour later, it was still raining hard so we went to pub and then some shopping and then MacDonald’s to use the disabled toilet as Amsterdam lacks disabled toilets!  We found a market so I got some tulips as you can’t go to Amsterdam without buying Tulips, it’s the law. And then we went back in the pub to dry off again.  After another pint it was time to make treks back to the coach.  When we returned back on the ferry, they announced it is going to be rough tonight, when we set sale from Rotterdam we went on the top deck and it was bloody freezing, very windy, Ian’s cig box threw out his pocket. We didn’t stop on the top deck for long. It was back in the bar again for a few more pints before bed but bailey wanted another pint so he took one to the room but I was getting out of my chair and I knocked his full pint over, oops. The cabin smelt of beer in the morning, we got up at 7.30 because I told the lads it was 8am. One way to get up the lazy buggers.