Disability News

On Christmas Eve I went out with bailey, we started at 2pm in crown. After a few pints we went in the bank and the mill. And then we had this crazy idea to see our mate on ings road. On the way there we passed a cop shop so Bailey dared me to spin around in the cop shop. So I did and the cop woman laughed at me.



We finally arrived on ings road but he wasn’t at home. So we decided to go in crooked billet pub and it was bloody dead but we didn’t care as we were drunk at 8pm and then we decided to go home because I said I would be home before 7pm oops.  On the way home we popped into pizza shop yum yum. Bailey was carrying the pizzas but my chair was slowing down and cutting out. Low battery oops! We finally got home at 9pm with some pizzas and a dead battery. We ate the pizzas and the burgers had some more drinks and pulled some crackers and then I fell to sleep on the sofa with a party hat on my head