This video features professional thereminist, Thomas Grillo as he presents the use of assistive technology which allows musicians with low vision to have reasonable access to the tiny display found on Moog Music's Theremini theremin.

If you own a Theremini, and would like to explore the theremin files I demonstrate in this video, you may download the library file which contains these theremin presets for free at:

The file is only a couple of k in size. You can access it via the editor's load button. Just point it to wherever you download the file to, and then you can work with the files in the editor, or send them directly to the Theremini. Once onboard the Theremini, you can disconnect the editor, unless you want to tweak the presets.

Also featured is a short performance of Neil Gow's Lament for the Death of His Second Wife. Piano accompaniment was provided by Kristian Banatzianou.

For a detailed look at what makes the Theremini tick, be sure, and check out a video produced by Markus Fuller. You can see that video here:

Moog Theremini available at:

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