I was tipped out of his wheelchair by cruel thugs


I was thrown from my wheelchair and knocked out after being attacked on my way home from the pub with my friends.

I have severe cerebral palsy, but my disability doesn't get in the way of enjoying my life, I  was coming home with my two friends after spending Sunday evening in The Bank pub, in Holderness Road, Hull. 

I was laughing with my friends on the way home and I was suddenly approached from behind by a male who pushed me and my wheelchair over with my electric wheelchair landing on top of me.

I was knocked out, so my friends gave me first aid and phoned 999, now I have a “massive cut” to my head, dizziness and headaches since the attack.

Because of the Cerebral Palsy my speech has been affected so to overcome this I communicate use a talker machine.

In the attacked my talker was damaged and my head switch damaged too.