The Able Here website is designed to be as accessible as possible to all users and was designed and developed by disabled people.

We don’t use frames, we have made all text sizes relative and we have maintained the same navigation structure throughout.

If you are having trouble viewing the website, there are several changes you can make on the website.

Do you want to change the colour?
Most modern browsers allow the user to over-ride the colour and font settings of a web site in order to make the content easier to read for people with some visual impairments.

The text is too small for me to read - how can I change it?
by pressing CTRL and the plus key (+). Fonts are enlarged in 10% increments. An alternative way to enlarge the fonts is to use the “View” menu, select the Text Size option and then the size of text required. The screen shot shows the Internet Explorer View menu with the text size option selected.

Text to Audio
Modern computer operating systems include a facility to convert the text on the screen into audio output (speech). Special applications (plug-ins) are available for web browsers that will read websites out and highlight words as they are read out. Browsealoud (http://www.browsealoud.com/) is just one such application. The user selects the area of text and the programme reads the content out loud through a speaker.

If you are having problems accessing the Able Here website, or have suggestions for improvements, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Try to give us as much information about your computer operating system and browser - as well as your screenreader, if applicable - as you can. We take all feedback seriously.





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