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Hey I'm Paul 31 year old ex physio from England. Would like to meet pen pals, happy to talk about most things. Sociable and friendly despite looking like a misery on a photo ha. Have M.E but will chat to anyone regardless of disability, age or gender. There's more about me on my profile, looking forward to interesting conversations and hopefully meeting new friends along the way:)
Doctor Teeth
Look at all the friends on my profile page! You’d think I’m super popular, but I’m not. There’s actually only two people on that list who talk with me, and I would like to fix that.

I have a profile you can read.
If I sound like someone you’d like to be friends with, then send me a friend request.

If I don’t sound like someone you’d like to be friends with, then don’t send me a friend request.
Would love to write to a Autism or Downs Syndrome girl as they are very friendly & have no hate ..Also Penfriends who are not mean & will be my friend for life.
Looking to meet new people that understand life with a disability. Hoping to find some happy. I don’t care to speak with anyone that is not in the US. I really don’t care to talk to any men under the age of 47.
must be a "people person" that cares about life and the good things "family and friends' Are important too !!

and a good listener thet imprtance :))
Hi, I would like to make new friends, I don't care about age or race, though I would prefer female company, but males are welcome too, location doesn't matter either. My e-mail:
I'm looking for friends who have something similar internal issues with mine so we can share our feelings.

I've tried general pen-pal sites and gained some good friends, but unfortunately, most people do not understand how a person with chronic depression and some other internal issues feels even if I try my best to explain. So I've decided to try here.

Personal feelings are not only thing to share, but intellectually, I can talk about society, human psychology, literature and philosophy if you like, or computer games.

Feel free to contact me, thank you.
Hey hows it going?
Im a 43 year old guy from South Carolina in the US. I have Avoidant Personality disorder and its caused me to live very isolated for a great many years. Besides my wife and kids i dont have any friends outside of the net, and lately not even that.It gets really lonely having nobody to talk to. Been living this way about 20 years now. So itd be awesome to make a real friend . Id like to find somebody to talk to daily or a few times a week. Im working on being a more positive upbeat person and im actually thankful for all the hard times in my life. They are great learning experiences that help me grow as a person.

Theres more info on my profile, but im into a lot of geeky stuff, Im a huge pc gamer, i love science fiction, fantasy, horror. I like watching anime I like historic drama shows like vikings and the last kingdom, ive got a small army of cats and a couple dogs. Im pretty easy going and i love to laugh can be kind of silly and have an offbeat sense of humor. Id love to meet somebody who shares my interests but if youre a genuine and kind person message me regardless Id love to hear from you.

NOTE: Please no scammers etc. You will be ignored.
Anyone, but not seeking a relationship, just friends
Hi I'm Ally aged 62 and divorced looking for friends from the UK & Ireland and maybe to meet up. I mostly use a wheelchair to get around although I can walk a few steps. My back was damaged 24 years ago in an incident at work. I have had mental health problems most of my life & recently discovered that this is because I probably have Aspergers, it explains a lot
not sure what exactly I am here for.. guess I am here to talk to people or anything that would keep my mind occupied... my email is
Looking for penpals to chat with.
easy to get on with gsoh
serious when you have to be but fun loving
and be able to have a laugh
very friendly and loving
anything you want to know just ask
I’m looking for pen pals who are down 2 earth and easy going and have more too say than hi and how will be true friends
im looking a pen pal how is down to earth ,and easy going .and how will write more than ones
Searching for a penpal
been here for two years... made some wonderful penpals and here to make more.. if you like chatting about any general stuff, I am here to listen.. you can write to me at
Female penpals only
Hello i am from india 25 year old if u wanna talk just message me thanks :) you're always welcome..
Some one how is down to earth and. Like me for me.
im Betty im looking .for new friends .who will write more than once ,and want to be friends for ever .im a good friend to have ,so come and say hi
Hi. My name is Jena, and I'm new to this site. I'm looking to meet new people. But, I do have some rules.
1. Friendly, honest people only.
2. English speaking people from the USA only please.
3. No racism, transphobic, or homophobic people.
4. Not picky on gender or sexuality. Feel free to write me.
5. Not looking for any romantic relationship or hook up.
If these rules are ok for you and you peeked at my profile send me a message if you want. I might be slow at answering you, but I will answer. Hope to here from any of you soon :)
My name is Joanna and I just joined this site yesterday, September 20, 2018. If you would like to write more, just let me know.
I'm a friendly person. I can be different - romantic, funny. I love nature and music - especially the guitar and saxophone.I want to meet friends for friendship and correspondence
I'd like to make friends via penpals. People with similar interests.
I love rock music and attend concerts when i can. I also love shopping, animals and coffee!
Hi everyone, feel free to email me if you think we have common interests. First check my profile though. I feel good whenever I can lend a hand. Just give me an opportunity to do it. Gender, age, race, or credo don't make any difference to me. Neither does your disability. Talk to you soon
Looking for new friends
a nice penpal
I would like to make new friends
I'm friendly , caring, like to meet new people. I enjoy animal movies , action movies , comedies, and cooking shows and all the Arts. I enjoy very simple things in life like going to the park. I am looking for pen pals that just want to be friends. Thank you hope to hear from you soon.God bless