Disability News

It’s amazing how quick April has come around, it only feels like yesterday we where welcoming in the new year. Since the start of the year we have had a large number of new members from a good mix of different countries around the world that we would like to officially welcome and we hope will enjoy the site. We are seeing new members joining everyday.
The AbleHere Forum has been growing thanks to members posting on it and there have been a lot of new games been added which shows we can have fun as well as be serious! If you haven’t visited the forum it is well worth a visit!
Recently the winter Para-Olympics took place and was it amazing to watch, the strength and courage of these people was awe inspiring. And it saw the most medals won ever. I’m sure we can all agree these athletes are hero’s.
The weather has been awful since Christmas not just here in Britain but all over the world, here in Britain we have seen hurricane force winds and floods, in other parts of the world we have seen fatal mud slides and in America the worst snow ever. The whole world has been effected by extreme weather but we hope we have seen the last of it. Spring is only round the corner why not make new friends on Able Here.
Some users don’t like the new chat system so You can turn off the chat by clicking on the chat then click on the chat options (wheel icon) then click on ‘turn off chat’