Disability News

110,000 deaths from Coronavirus in the UK

Two thirds of deaths are Disabled people’s.
This week marks the sobering milestone that the UK has lost over 110,000 lives to Coronavirus.
40% of deaths were care home residents. 30% of these people died in care homes, and a further 10% were taken to hospital where they died.
We hear that care home residents are older people, as if that somehow mitigates their deaths. Older people in care homes are Disabled, whether that is through age, Dementia, sensory impairment, or physical or learning disabilities. These people were Disabled people, and they need not have died.
According to data from the Office of National Statistics, 59% of all deaths have been those of Disabled people.
This statistic is largely hidden from public view. It needs extracting from the data. You won’t find it in newspaper headlines or TV broadcasts. Because to print it out loud, to show the devastating effect of this virus on a singular demographic, is something nobody dares to say out loud. We will say it out loud: almost two-thirds of those who have died from Coronavirus were Disabled people.