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United States
New York
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30 - 45
Paraplegic / Quadriplegic
meeting new friends
I'm A C4 C5 Quadriplegic From A MVA In 1989 But It's All Good. I Use To Paint Cars And Bikes For A Living Before My Injury. Now I Pretty Much Chill Big Time And Try To Enjoy Life To The Best Of My Ability.
I Guess Messing Around On The Computer Which I'm Fairly New To. Enjoying The Outdoors During The Summer And Getting Some Ink. I Have Three Tattoos So Don't Freak Out.
Computers And Getting To Know New Peeps
I'll Know When It Happens
Mostly Older Rock & Southern Rock Like NickelBack, Creed, Bob Seger And Lynard Skynyrd And Some Rob Thomas And Alicia Keyes, Christina Aguilera Just To Mention A Couple..
A Time To Kill, Gone In 60 Seconds, Troy And Sling Blade Just To Mention A Couple That Come To Mind
The Lost, Pinks, Cut Chop And Rebuild Pretty Much Anything To Do With Customizing Cars Or Motorcycles.
Does Playboy Count?? Just Joking..
I Guess Some Of The Doctors And Nurses That Helped Me Survive My Accident And A Couple Caregivers I've Had..
You'll Have To Asked!!




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