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46 - 59
Depression / Anxiety
arthritis, bursitis, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, bowel problems, (stoma and colostomy) gastro abdominal reflux disease and hypertension!
meeting new friends
I'm a 56 yo Gay Aussie male, I live alone with my 3 cats in a small country town!
My cats, animals and nature in general. I like watching documentaries, movies, reading and listening to music!
Mucking on the internet, reading, listening to music and sleeping!
Getting older and dying!
All types, but these days mainly Asian pop, particularly Korean pop! My fave Kpop groups are, Shinee, 2PM, Beast, Teen Top, Big Bang, Superjunior, UKISS, Exo, Vixx & JYJ.
Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2, Asian 'Kick Ass' movies & Chinese Fantasies!
Currently 911, 911 Lonestar, The Rookie, The Equalizer and The Orville
Lian Hearn's 'Tales of the Otori', James Clavell's 'Asian Sagas', Kylie Chan's series, Laura Joh Rowland's 'Detective Sano' series, Qiu Xiaolong's 'Detective Chen' series, Sujata Massey's 'Rei Shimura Mysteries', John Burdett's 'Bangkok' series, Kim Harrison's Hollows series, Armistead Maupins 'Tales of the City' series, Brian Lumley's 'Necroscope' series and books by Andy McDermott and Matthew Reilly.
Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Jackie Chan!
In bed with my cats!





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