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United States
About Me
60 and Over
Cerebral Palsy
Arthritis in my big toe
and my fingers and my knees
to meet someone with the same disability
I type outstanding poetry
and rhyming I enjoy getting emails
forwarding emails
i like getting free stuff
I got medallions medals n Trophies
from Swimming n Soccer
the internet i find free stuff
with you any where
oldies n goodies
rap to tap
Hungry eyes
You need to love your self
Whats love got to do with it
i like tango n cash
kindergarten cop
Stuart Little
For your Eyes only
bad teacher
bad grandpa
nutty professor
on golden pond
fiddle on the roof
Turner n Hooch
Dirty Dancing
Live n Let Die
A Walk to Remember
Fools Rush In
Father of the bride
Girl Happy
Coming to America
With six you get egg roll
West side story
Whats Love got to Do with it
The toy
10 things i hate about you
Free Willie
The parent trap
Stir crazy
Mad money
Plaza Suite
Peggy Sue got Married
Knocked up
Con Air
Out of Time
Red Heat
the intern
Nick of time
What lies beneath
Shes having a baby
Bless the child
any good ones like batman
Mamas family
Incredible hulk
Threes Company
smack down
Total Divas
Seventh Heaven
Happy days
Threes a crowd
Knight Rider
The six million dollar man
Wonder woman
Bay watch
Small Wonder
All in the family
The Cosby show
easy to read and understanding to learn
the white house
dinning with u do not b blue to say i love you

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Hey, i am looking for someone to talk with because I need some fun in my life. My family
Hey, I am a good person.
I love my family a lot. They are always good to have.
I am so proud of the man that I am. I hope to be better as I get older. And to always be happy with my new life.
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