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united kingdom
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30 - 45
Learning Disabled
i have osteoarthritis arthritis. weak immune system.
meeting new friends
hello everyone i am kelly dawson age 40. i go out and about with mine carers tuesdays wednesdays thursdays. i am kind caring polite nice i like helping other people. i am not looking for a relationship just friendship friends or penpals
going out and about with mine carers. going for walks with mine rollator walker. colouring. writing. practicing drawing. painting. arts and crafts. playing with play dough or modelling clay. making cards for all occasions. watching television. watching dvds. going to the cinema or pictures to watch a movie. playing computer games like sims three. playing game console games. playing games online. reading books magazines newspapers. making pictures using mine rubber and clear stamps. listening to music. scratch art. tracing
going for walks.
trying lose weight
any but not rock music not classical not opera not rnb
disney. bambi. lassie. shrek. mary poppins. little mermaid.
emmerdale. coronation street. yorkshire vet. highland vet. this morning. grand designs. four in a bed.
animal stories. tracy beaker. roald rodhl
mine carers and mine mum and dad.

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I have changed my photo because some times I’m quite as mouse until you get to know me
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