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TOPIC: Osteoporosis - A hollowing feeling

Osteoporosis - A hollowing feeling 9 years 1 month ago #32544

Osteoporosis or porous bones is threatening the woman's world with the fragility fracture occcuring due to hormonal disorders, medications or chronic diseases. Ayurveda states that aggravated vata dosha is the reason for porosity in the bone. The unhealthy lifestyle in men that affects the hormonal balance in the body is reason for Osteoporosis in men while the menopausal period leading to lack of estrogen is the cause of the condition. Calcium, magnesium, zinc and other minerals vital for bone growth and hormones needed for bone metabolism is affected in this condition.

However according to ayurvedic herbal treatment methods and procedures, calcium from food and natural sources are needed for the improving the condition. The regular intake can help in maximum absorption to maintain the bone health. White sesame seeds are an healthier option than dairy products like cow's milk, cheese as the seeds donot clog the arteries like they do. Almond milk along with goat's milk is recommended in the diet as its a store house of calcium.

Ayurveda also suggests herbal preparations that can constitute for estrogen and progestrone. The herbal preparations are mostly made from yams, shataveri, and vidari. Certain preparations under the prescription of a ayurvedic doctor can help prevent and also cure Osteoporosis. Along with food and medicine, excercise are also crucial in preventing the condition. But any excersion on the bone can lead to injury which is not good for an osteoporosis patient. Thus a doctor's advice is alwys recommended.

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