Sex of Disabled People: A Complete Guide

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Are you wondering if wheelchair users can have sex? HOW can they do that? Does this interest them? Do they want it Or maybe they don't care? Can sex with a disabled person be satisfying? What difficulties can you meet having sex with a disabled person? What positions are the best? What does a disabled person think about sex? What are their psychological problems related to this?

If you want to know the answers to these questions then take this book. A comprehensive guide on the sex of people with physical disabilities.

The book consists of 10 chapters,

This is pleasant and useful reading. Pleasant - because it is accessible and interestingly written, useful - it has a lot of cognitive and practical values, e.g. to be used in creating optimal love art. One of the advantages of the book is its erudition. The author describes aspects, physiological, psychological and social sexuality of people with disabilities. For many, information on sex life in the course of various diseases will be important.
Another advantage of the book is many other curiosities related to morals inspired by worldview. Practical advice, biological conditions of attractiveness and desire, and considerations about love and jealousy are interesting for readers of both sexes.

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