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WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS???? 4 years 11 months ago #57905

;) Hey guys!!

Ok. Gotta float this and want an opinion. Doing research for a first person narrative about the life of Jim Morrison {vocalist from the Doors} called "The Wandering Musician". Was listening to an interview with Ray Manzarek {keyboardist for the Doors}. After looking over some of Jim Morrison's lyrics and poems again I was thinking that Morrison may have been a savant with high-functioning or moderate autism. Asking because among other things I found six songs that were written {to use this quote from Peter Noon of Herman's Hermits} "second verse same as the first", some of the same phrases show up in different places {example "break on through" and "breaking through"; "my wild love", "roll" and "roll baby roll"}, lots of the same imagery all over the place {water, sailing ships, Native American motifs, goddess images, angels}. And there is a lot of repetition in Morrison's songs. Robby Krieger {guitarist} among others said that Morrison was supposed to be extremely quiet and he was known to frequent the same places.

These photos I think bear this out. In the photo with his family he is standing off kind of by himself: ;)

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