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SSDI difficulties 8 years 3 weeks ago #44783

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Any Americans out there who have gone through this?

Some years ago when my fibromyalgia and back pain got to the point where I couldn't work any more, I applied for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and was told I did not qualify because I had not worked enough hours over the years to collect. I most certainly paid into Social Security when I did work, but because I stayed home and raised my kids while my husband worked, I did not qualify. If I had worked and hired someone else to care for them I would have met the qualifying amount of income, which for the record, I never was able to find out a dollar or hour amount, as apparently there is some mysterious formula used by the US govt. to calculate such things.

I eventually went to a social worker who advised us to divorce. That way I could qualify for disability coverage through welfare and healthcare through medicaid. REALLY???!!! I lost a third of our household income and I'm supposed to divorce my husband to get financial aid?

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

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Re: SSDI difficulties 8 years 2 days ago #45100

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I'm on the stuff already and had boyfriends also on disability ssdi like myself and we could not live together or marry becasue we both were getting subsdities through ssdi or government housing from HUD. he or I or both would have lost either our apartment and would have had to going to paying full rent or lost one of our check and both would have had to live on just one of only 800.00!!!...how do 2 people live on that little money when one can't make it alone for god's sake. It's messed up. I missed out on marrying so many other disableds that could have helped or loved me.They don't want anyone to get ahead or profit. they want us to stay poor and answer to just them and be alone. I knew another couple , both were disabled and one couldn't go to the dentist or get her drugs, she ended up sicker from that and had to divorce themselves "on paper" so they could still live toether and chip in still for their rent.

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Re: SSDI difficulties 7 years 11 months ago #45234

I think being a stay at home mom is one of the best jobs you could have done and you should be proud of yourself. You raised your children and even opened up an employment slot and daycare slot for someone else who might not have been able to be a SAHM. I think it's BS how you get treated for it though. I heard applying for and getting disability is a nightmare. They usually reject 7 out of 10 claims and it takes years and many appeals just to get it and once you do, it's not like it's a large amount by any means. That entire system needs to be redone. I also think it's BS that a lot of these programs don't like it if you are married or go to college. Isn't the goal to better oneself and have a hand up not a hand out? I"m so sorry you have not been able to get married because of this. That shouldn't even be a factor.

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SSDI difficulties 6 years 3 months ago #52981

I didn't have your issues so I don't have any solution for you.

However, I applied for SSDI and received it right away. I can tell you that I did my homework before applying and researched it for 5 years. I knew how to fill out the application form.

One thing you never do is lie, not that anyone would. But you know those short lines they have on the form, there is not nearly enough space to put in what they need to know. I had 32 extra pages attached to my application form. You have to really explain how the disability affects your ADL-Activities of Daily Living. You can't just say I have whatever it is you have. You have to show how this disables you.

When I answered the questions, I would begin on the page but then I would have more to say so I put see attachment 4, question # 7, or whatever the case may be. I explained everything. They asked me how far I could walk, so I walked and then I drove my car to see how far it was and I wrote it down and told them exactly what I did. I used dumbbells to answer how much I could life and I told them that I did. You HAVE to explain just how this disability keeps you from doing things.

I had a Credibility folder that I had acquired letters from friends who had seen me work and from previous employers. These letter all stated I was an honest person and gave my work ethics when I was working. I had all my medical records for them. I separated them by Dr. and then had them in chronological order from most recent to last. This is very important. You need to get your medical records to see what Drs. have been writing about you. You may be surprised, I was. If there was an error, I wrote a short letter correcting the note and then I went to the bank to have it notarized. I then sent it into the clinic and asked them to place it by the note in question.

They did send me to one of their Psychologists for an interview to get her opinion on whether or not I was credible, she agreed I was.

I just can't express how important it is to explain how the disability affects your life. I filled out my application as if I were the one reading it and had to decide if this person was really disabled. Look at it in those terms.

I got my LTD-Long Term Disability right away, and I had one of the hardest companies to get approved by. I got my Life ins. premiums waived, then I got SSDI right away. Then I sent an appeal to the LTD telling them that the amount they were paying me was wrong and it should have been more. They agreed and sent me a big check for what they hadn't paid to me. I did ALL this in 1 year and I did it without an attorney. I did one thing at a time so I could concentrate on it good because I wanted to get it right away, and I did.

These things I have said are very important. You have to tell them what makes you disabled, not just that you have this illness. I got it for Fibromyalgia but since then my back has disabled me more.

Good luck to all of you and if you want to ask me any questions I would be glad to help....judytoo

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SSDI difficulties 5 years 2 days ago #58591

I own my own home in which I live which social security dept in USA is allowed on the chart of living expenses and accepted resources. Then for years I saved up the money to pay property taxes each year.. You probably know that unpaid property taxes will lose you your house. SSI sez don't pay property taxes fraud theft crime jail if you do it. I said to SSI are you going to fix it with county so I can keep my house , --NO. Are you SSI going to pay property taxes? --NO. So I paid taxes and then SSI took one of my months check and is taking 10% of each check for 7 years . SSI sez and :DONT pay property taxes in 2016 or future. They plan to penalize me again if I do!! I am disabled and the caretaker of my disabled daughter. Thank you please pass this story onward. Saunter

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