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Hi I'm Ally aged 64 and divorced looking for friends from anywhere. I mostly use a wheelchair to get around although I can walk a few steps. My back was damaged 27 years ago in an incident at work. I have had mental health problems most of my life & recently discovered that this is because I probably have Aspergers, it explains a lot
Hi! Looking for penpals for good conversations and some laughs... I have MS and am well familiar with the challenges it brings. I’m a good listener and do not judge. I’m a friendly sort...say hello! (send private message- we’ll connect from there)
Hi there, I search for a female writer that want a connection, fantasy, meaning thoughts and feelings, day dreams and not about daily life at all. To know me and knowing you is about creativity, passion and moments each day of smiles and joy, for the writing and being able to convey emotions in words, for a connection together and for creativity.

I am lonely, so with this I hope not be lonely but with someone in words of feelings, intense and relaxed, fun and exiting, uplifting and positive, no limits, only what we feel and long for. Life is not in the words for me, words is within me and I think writing is what you make of it based on what we feel and who we are, not just communication and the usual culture and interest but to feel and dream, express thoughts, desire in a sensitive way.

To be personal, to be open without doing the usual life and such but inner thoughts, desire and emotions, to engage and express. Being anonymous and yet knowing what is felt as it is written. For the fantasy of thoughts and dreams.

Knowing, getting to know is not defined by life as the daily but about what we feel and see and think and long for, together, sharing, caring and affection. There is no fear, cause words that is spoken from the heart and soul take the time, not only for continuity but for value of each other in writing.

I think how I define friendship, is much about how I see is there anything in common, what is the connecting thing, I dislike the traditional way cause it give and feels nothing, that's why it's so important to relate to what is written and felt.

So if someone ignore what my profile said or my pen pal ad, I ponder about the intent what then is it in common, if writing is bliss, then make is so, life is not so what I see , the fantasy is everything, escape is everything and why, why consume one self and reflect on life in negative when I can write in positive with someone based on emotion and just dream.

Message me if you can relate and want this, I seek you and hope to feel and see, like you and you like me. Then email me at

Thomas, thanks and you are welcome.
Hi I'm Avalon or Ava. I'm 17 and from Australia. I'm a quadriplegic (paralysis neck down) so I won't check this a lot. Feel free to message me asking me for my email which I'll check more often. More information about me is in my profile.

I have read so many people's descriptions of their own disabilities that my own disability seems so small :( I have a condition called MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) and it getting worse daily :(

I would love to chat with anyone else who has this condition or anyone who would like someone just to chat to, as I do understand how lonely it can get living with your own or someone else's disability. I have no issue as to wherever in the world you are :)

Take care and hope to hear from you soon :)
Looking for new friends
My name is Naomi I am 27 years old
28 year old asian guy in Germany looking for penpal to talk about similar problem or prehaps some zen stuff.
My Penpal should be a like minded soul willing to share mutual feelings and idealogy together
Hi! I like music and tv. Either sitcoms or kids shows. Don't usually talk much, so if you talk a lot that could even us out. I want to find someone to talk to about anything and everything. Don't be afraid, I have some social anxiety. That is why I don't talk much probably. My email is
Looking for someone to connect with, to 'click' with. I'm rather 'unbelivable'. I have a wild imagination and sometimes I like to hide in my day dreams.(I've just recently found out that my daydreaming is actually a disorder called "maladaptive daydreaming". I suspect I may also have a mild form of OCD as they can come together. That would make sooo much sense.. lol) Love anything witchy and mysterious. I find comfort in music of almost any kind. Hate meaningless small talk. Not really glad with my life choices (or spouse choice....) But it brought me my two little creatures who keep me busy, annoyed, tired and proud every day. Even though I get lonely as I lack adult interaction. I love to have a good laugh, hate drama, am often sarcastic.
Would love to meet honest people, especially those who use punctuation ;). Try me!
Hello I have mild autism I am here to meet new people and make new friends

I enjoy being creative and anything that’s considered pop culture like playing video games, reading comic books and graphic novels, going to the cinema, watching tv and movies, Anime and manga (I am a big Studio Ghibli fan)

I am looking for new friends only
I'd like a long-distance friendship writing emails. I like meeting new people.
My ideal pen pal would be someone who thinks positive always think "able"cause we can !
Hey I'm at 16 year old girl from Ireland. When I was 8 I got hit by a car (I don't have memory of it) so now I'm paralyzed. I can kind of use my elbows and parts of my wrists in my arms but thats it. I can't move or feel anything below my collarbone medically C5 complete spinal cord injury. I also have some other disabilities from accident but those aren't that relevant.
just looking for people to talk to from the world
Looking for a penpal to make friends and support each other
im open 2 talkin 2 any1 so dnt hesitate 2 hit me up especially if u have whatsapp
I'm Katie, Im looking to find friends around the world is fine too but I would love to meet some girls with my Sydrome because I know its Very Rare , But if not then anyone whos between of the ages 19ish-35ish. Not anyone higher please. And I am just looking for friends so no relationships either. I wanna share with some of you what my Sydrome is because its VERY Rare:

I was born with Quadruple X Sydrome , basically, Females with Quadruple X have. Two extra X Chromosomes in each of there cells . Which also means I have a learning and speech disability. I had to take years of speech to be able to talk now, I have IBS , anxiety, fatigue too.

I would love to make long lasting friends with girls .If thats possible but guys too around 18-40ish thanks for understanding!(:
I’m not picky, but I’d prefer around 18 - 30. I get along better with females. If you have autism and/or ADHD, don’t hesitate to write me as I’d love to know more people in the same situation as myself.
First of all Hello everyone. My name is Abhishek I am from India. I want to say something about myself, I had a small stroke of paralysis in my childhood, but now I am very healthy. I saw the profiles of all men and women on this site, I have never seen anyone with a disability. Everyone looked the same. If any person can contact me, if everyone is satisfied with this sentence, then send me a message in my email which is abiswas05@gmail.Com, please be able to write here. Everyone will take care of themselves.
41 year old Single dad of one beautiful 6 year old (she lives with her mom but is with me a lot). Non-smoker, unemployed but on SSI. I have had BP all my life but was diagnosed as a teen but really didn't start getting help until I was 35
I am ramdayal .A disabled person . I read books.
any body send me email at any time. welcome all of you. my email- i waiting for your friendship.
a nice penpal
I'm looking for e-mail penpals from anywhere in the world who can relate to having a disability. I'm also very interested in different cultures and what's it like to live with a disability in different societies. I'm looking forward to meeting you! :) Feel free to send me an e-mail at
You can email me at
You can also write me at:
PO Box 4917
Framingham, Ma. 01704
I am a 28 years and 6 months old wheelchair user young with disability from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country located in South-East Asia, where about 160+ million people living in 147,570 km² area and 10% of the total population are disabled.

I am the first Asian wheelchair user young who finished a travel named Mohoram's Wheels, from Bangladesh capital Dhaka to USA capital Washington DC over land and water only. With my own wheelchair and all by myself I have travelled 25,728 KMS, 16 countries – Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, UK and USA (More details and photos are available at Journey was started 25th June 2011 and finished 28th February 2012. For more details and videos, contact me over e-Mail at: or over Skype at: mohoram or inbox me over Facebook at:

Currently I am planning to travel South American countries by the year 2015.
Doctor Teeth
Despite the number of people on my friends list, there none that actually talk with me.
Please be friends with, because at this point in my life, I’m really desperate.
Hello, my name is Kanade. I'm 15 and from The Netherlands. When I was 5 I was in a car accident which damaged my brain and spinal cord badly. I'm not very good at anything really and I'm paralyzed everywhere except my face. I type usually using eye tracking. I'm just looking for people to talk to on here. If you do talk to me try be patient I'm not the smartest or fastest!