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46 - 59
Learning Disabled
Epilepsy, Depression and Anxiety with PTSD.
meeting new friends
Dear new friends,
I am looking for people who like to snail mail. I only looking for pen pal because I need the practice to read and write letters. I am learning Disabled person and that will help me write better . I love giving and getting letters in the mail. I also like to exchange Holiday and Birthday cards. I am a Christian woman and I love to talk about god and the Bible. I have one dog that I love to tell you about them. I like to talk about TV shows and movies! I also like to talk about my favorite music. If you love to write to me I need you to print it or be open to using the printer . All letters must come from the USA. Thank you for reading my profile! sincerely.
Leslee Sue Cowling
6330 Sunrise Blvd
# 1005
Citrus Heights, CA 95610
Writing, coloring, and listening to music.
Dog Events
Work the dogs at the SPCA!
60-80 Country and rock and roll!
Frozen and Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves.
Star Trek: Deep Space nine and Star Trek: Voyager
Robin Hood!
Gorgeous my dog! she was born with three lags and happy all the time!
San Diego!

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