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meeting new friends
I was born with a genetic disease that affects the connective tissue affecting bones, muscles, and nerves in the body limiting my mobility. Over time I couldn't work given the pain and weakness in the body this has caused me. I'm not bed ridden but neither do I get around well fully. Every day I have a part of my body to use and try to keep active working around my health in a given day. I try to keep positive and enjoy connecting with people on a friendship level discussing challenges, interests and goals in life and to any extent that I can add value to somebody's life I find that fulfilling.
I enjoy reading, music, some t.v. programs and printing. I try to understand how the world works both good and bad to better know what to build with and what to be on guard against. To the extent that the above can help somebody I find joy in that and really just connecting wth a good friend over a cup of coffee and the outdoors.
Working on growing in some way and helping others in the same.
Possibly working from home doing letterpress printing
Motown, 70s, 80s, classical, & jazz
With Honors, Bed of Roses, & Rocky
Masterpiece Theatre and Youtube.
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The Way to Wealth, and Poor Richard's Almanac. But read topics in business, finance, biographies, history, theology, farming, construction, automotive, health, current events and personal development in general.
I would say God first off but any leader in history who sacrificed and really served others. Although not perfect but did the best they could. Those who build up their nation and don't tear it down.
Sitting at my desk looking out my window and sitting on my porch swing.
My Penpal
Just looking to exchange messages using this platform on a friendship level.

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