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I’m trying something new to connect with people whilst at the same time dealing with multiple health and disability issues. I am looking for penpals male or female not a relationship (been there done that – managed 25 years and in my current state a relationship is just not possible) I just want to connect with others that have to deal with what life throws at us and try to cultivate a much more positive outlook and hopefully have a few laughs along the way. My condition’s broadly fall under the heading of Autonomic Dysfunction. Along with all that that brings I deal as many others do with the dreaded duo of Depression and Anxiety. I am also agoraphobic to an extreme degree (I used to be outgoing and loved being around others prior to my health issues). I don’t do well with face to face due to my physical health issues and the anxiety and depression. I understand and can empathise with people that have had a ‘normal’ life before illness/disability and then the massive impact it has upon your life and how it affects you as a person. The way you have to adapt to a new way of living/doing things (Sadly I have two decades of this experience – I’m a vet as they say). I also understand what its like to go through surgery and manage chronic conditions that have daily monitoring and the interaction between health workers and the medical profession both the good and the bad. If your still reading I know thats a long intro and a bit ‘wooden’ but I just want to be honest and let people know beforehand where I’m at.
On the brighter side I have many interests. I love a good comedy whether that's a film or stand up routine (from Bill Hicks to Peter Kay and everyone in between). I rely heavily on my computer to connect with the world at large and also for entertainment and creating things. A large amount of time is spent playing computer games from mmorpgs to puzzle games and back again to action games, simulations – basically anything that grabs my attention/imagination. I also use a lot of creativity software and try to continue my love of music playing guitar (extremely badly by the way – think Les Dawson on the piano :-) and programming midi instruments (synth modules because I cant play keyboards --- or the guitar tbh lol). I also love to paint/draw/animate via programs such as Corel Painter/Rebelle/Moho. I also read a fair bit but it’s nothing too heavy. Anything Terry Pratchett and I’m there and also so much stuff on the internet (I think we all do that). I also like tiny model trains (Don’t laugh – N scale forever!) I like watching sports, currently following the women's world cup and cheering the Lioness’s on. These are just a few things I do to keep myself focussed and occupied.

That’s a snippet of me if there’s anything in there that you can relate to or grabs your interest, maybe we could be penpals.

Oh! I also like collecting really bad/cheesy jokes that make you groan and shake your head such as …

What sort of cheese do you use to hide a horse ? … Mascaponey
How do welsh cheese makers stack their cheese displays ? ...Caerphilly

Other none cheese based jokes available upon request :-) Thank you for reading. All the best.
Laughing - being happy - computer games/music
To connect with people and find my clan
The Cult, Big Country, Oasis, Prodigy, Talk Talk, Joe Satriani, Megadeth, Icicle Works, Joy Division, Skin, Thunder, The Mission, Wonderstuff, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Depeche Mode - Just a few faves but tbh anything and everything with a preference for Indie and any type of rock be it heavy of soft. Like a bit of the old Pachelbel as well (Canon in D) and Mozart – Eine kleine Nachtmusik
With Honors, Fisher King, Requiem for a Dream, Rock of Ages, The Dirt, Seven Pounds, The Pursuit of Happyness, Pride, Priscilla - Queen of the Desert also (Don't laugh) House Bunny and Legally Blonde
The Wire, Generation Kill, Raising Hope, Mike and Molly, Mom, Big Bang Theory, Dharma and Gregg, Modern Family.... just too many to mention.
Mort, Guards Guards, The Magician (Silvertorn/Darkness at Sethanon) Daughter of the Empire, So long and thanks for all the fish.
Oddly I don't think I have any Heroes but people I admire ... Alan Turing, Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, Grace Hopper

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