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to find a partner
Ciao, I’m Stefano!
In a fairy tale, I’d looking for my amazing princess! Down to earth I’m looking to find complicity, true connection, and communication which is the foundation of a good couple 😉 Am I asking too much?
I know, I’m crazy to think of finding you here, but why don’t try? As long as you are interesting, intelligent, sensitive… a wheelchair is something that doesn’t matter…
Although that would be a dream come true, at the moment I could be satisfied finding some friends I could chat with, improving my English and French.

I love nature, I’m a sensitive and honest person.

If you are interested or curious just ask! 😉

Really important:
- Don’t judge a book by its cover 😉
- Respect gets respect ✊
- Never stop learning
- Collect life experiences (rather than material belongings)

Je parle aussi français e italiano
Photography is my biggest passion, plus many other.
I don’t have a crystal ball 😅

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