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Saudi Arabia
Born in Somalia
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30 - 45
I am not disabled
meeting new friends

My name is Odev.

I'm here to make a video pal/friend, where we can exchange daily routine videos in Telegram, at least once every day or two, from time to time.
I can say, improving myself in everything, sharing our videos, not insisting on texting, or voice notes, I prefer videos, and seeing someone the intraction makes me feel like this is a real worthy friend, that I can actually trust by time.

This helps us get rid of anxiety and depression, break the barrier of fear, get to know each other, and improve our personality and I am sure, there are more great vibes to come.

Shoot me with a selfie video on telegram

Swimming, Jogging, Watching Documentaries, real story movies... Any Sci-Fantasy-Also.
To become a champion in helping everyone in need, to fight and overcome depression/anxiety
House music, R&B, but I must be careful to what I listen to!... These instruments affects our heart and soul.

I more into listening to the Quran from a famous reciters worldwide. I gain my focus with it.
Oh! A lot =D

My Youtube Channel =D
youtube . com/@make25us
If there's a hero, or hustling or survival show, then i'll watch. With a friend, everything is okay.
Conversations with the Greatest Networker in the World

Al-Bidaya wa'l-Nihaya

Don't be sad,
My Creator; The Almighty.
Quite places, a bit of breez wind, and tree sounds

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