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its now 2018 almost and we have all gotten a bit older, I have moved to a new area, in croydon. I havent used this site for a long timeand would like to make some new friends as i`m still stuck at home alot, I would be glad to hear from some new friends to make my life not so lonley.

I am now back on the site and will be using it again. Please be patient with me.

Life has been CRAP. Let's hope for improvement.

I am a spritual person seeking like-minded people for friendship, companionship - someone chat with to online.

I am interested in meditation, hypnotherapy and mediumship.

I enjoy rock music and love Status Quo.

Unfortunately I am isolated and at home far more than I should be so I am finding it difficult to cope with life and would love to hear from anyone who is like-minded.
I am looking for someone who has a pulse! ;-)

I am looking for caring person who loves animals.

It would great if you are vegetarian but it doesn't matter too much.

Someone with a good sense of humour is what I need to cheer me up and to stop me being a 'miserable cow'!
Being outside, being with nature
To make new friends and to be happy
Status Quo is my favourite.

I love Rock Music and also Relaxation and Classical Music.
The Shining.
The Exorcist.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Coronation Street
All animal programmes
The Dales
Father Ted
Anything to do with Meditation, Hypnotherapy.

Dr Brian Weiss, Steven O'Brian and Delores Cannon are amongst my favourite authors.
Michael Jackson
Elvis Presley
Princess Diana
Francis Rossi
Nelson Mandela
Whereever I lay my hat is my home.
My Penpal
I have recently lost my mobility, not completely
however but it means that I am at home far more than I would like to be. I am very lonely and isolated and desperate to chat to others and to make new friends.

I have ataxia which is genetic and quite rare. I sometimes feel frustrated because other people do not understand how I am feeling and how hard it is cope on my own.

I used to be very active. My favourite pastime was to walk miles in the countryside, now I am almost housebound.

I need new people in my life to talk to, people who are going through similar emotions and have a happy disposition as I try to keep positive - but we all know how hard that can be!

I will delighted to from you.


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