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60 and Over
Cerebral Palsy
to find a partner
Hello there I was born with mild cp which affects only my right arm and leg, but not my speech and I enjoy a good conversation esp over a cup of tea or coffee.I have been told I am very friendly warm and caring with a good sense of humour, but I hope you will want to find out more for yourself so please pass by and say hello.
I enjoy most types of music, reading, crosswords and other puzzles, history, dining out, meeting new people and travel when I can.
Making friends
To enjoy life to the full
Jazz,Swing and Big Band music
Country and Western
50s and 60s music
Casablanca The Maltese Falcon The Sting Star War
Big Bogart fan
NCIS CSI Law and Order Body of Proof Lewis Castle
Thrillers and Biographies.
I have a few
San Francisco

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