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30 - 45
Long Covid, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression Chronic Migraines
meeting new friends
I have Long Covid, PTSD and multiple other chronic illnesses. I am looking to make a close friend or two that I can share emotional struggles with when I need support and whom I can support in return when needed.
I am an artist. I do watercolor and ink paintings but I love any kind of arts or craft. I also love to read fantasy novels and romance books. Improving my mental health is very important to me so I have been doing a lot of work around that lately.
Watercolor Painting
Starting to sell some of my art, future plans involve building up those sales
I don’t watch many movies but I love
I love really bad Netflix reality tv shows. They are so bad, they’re great!
Get a Life, Chloe Brown. The Stormlight Archives. The Shadow’s Way.
My Spouse 💕 They are the best person I know
My Penpal
I’m looking for a penpal who is looking to create a close friendship. Im looking for a friend who I can lean on for emotional support and who I can give support to as well. I am hoping for a friend who is optimistic and compassionate; honest and straightforward. Hopefully this magically wonderful person exists somewhere! If that’s you, please reach out!

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