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60 and Over
Wheelchair User
The hearing loss is increasing and the sight is iffy so I guess I have to accept the spirit is willing but not the body! Still I'm not done yet!
meeting new friends
Able to use rollator house. Mainly wheelchairs outside depending where I am going. It has been a year now since balance problems stopped me my tracks and it has been hard. I don't get so angry but I am still frustrated when I cannot get where I want to go. Or people treat me like an idiot because i am in a wheelchair. But there are some very good people out there. It has been a steep learning curve accepting help and adapting to a new style of living but I still love life and all the new challenges that it presents.
Like music, art, crossword obsessed; New to being on line! Read a lot! Rights of the disabled and society in general. current affairs and socialising whether in person, email or letter.
Sleeping when I can, shopping and socialising
To get through each day and master this site!
Folk, big band, Film scores, trad jazz, the Rat pack, Classical, pop and r and b. Hate opera do not understand it and rap
No real favourites but Wuthering Heights, Monty Python,Notting Hill,Aliens, Rain Man come to mind.
Documentaries, cooking progs. Historical dramas, Travel progs.Archeology, Crime dramas and Birds of a Feather!
All the Classics,Crime stories - fact and fiction, Spike Milligan, poetry,Autobiographies. Well anything except sci-fi.
Any one who has had an impact on society
Water, any. Beach, lake, stream, rivers and puddles! Plus the countryside. Oh and the shops and pubs.

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